struct trc_update_ctx


Context of TRC Update tool More…

#include <trc_update.h>

struct trc_update_ctx {
    // fields

    uint64_t flags;
    te_trc_db* db;
    unsigned int db_uid;
    tqh_strings test_names;
    tqh_strings tags_gen_list;
    tqh_strings tags;
    tqh_strings collected_tags;
    trc_update_tags_logs tags_logs;
    char* fake_log;
    char* fake_filt_log;
    char* rules_load_from;
    char* rules_save_to;
    char* cmd;
    func_args_match_ptr func_args_match;
    char* tags_gather_to;
    char* logs_dump;
    logic_expr* merge_expr;
    char* merge_str;
    trc_update_tests_groups updated_tests;
    trc_update_rules global_rules;
    int cur_lnum;

Detailed Documentation

Context of TRC Update tool


uint64_t flags


te_trc_db* db


unsigned int db_uid

TRC DB user ID

tqh_strings test_names

Test paths

tqh_strings tags_gen_list

List of tags for automatical determining of tag expression for a log

tqh_strings tags

Tags from currently processed logs

tqh_strings collected_tags

Full list of tags appeared in processed logs

trc_update_tags_logs tags_logs

Queue of logs grouped by tag expressions

char* fake_log

Tester fake run XML log path

char* fake_filt_log

Tester fake run XML log path (this log is used for filtering out iterations not matching some reqs)

char* rules_load_from

Path to file with updating rules to apply

char* rules_save_to

Path to file where generated updating rules should be saved

char* cmd

Command used to run TRC Update Tool

func_args_match_ptr func_args_match

Function to match iterations in TRC with iterations from logs

char* tags_gather_to

Where to save gathered tags

char* logs_dump

Path to logs dump

logic_expr* merge_expr

Tag expression with which new results should be merged into existing database

char* merge_str

String representation of tag expression

trc_update_tests_groups updated_tests

Groups of tests to be updated

trc_update_rules global_rules

Updating rules which can be applied to any iteration of any test

int cur_lnum

Number of currently parsed log