struct cfg_register_msg


CFG_REGISTER message content More…

#include <conf_messages.h>

struct cfg_register_msg {
    // fields

    CFG_MSG_FIELDS cfg_val_type val_type;
    bool vol;
    bool no_parent_dep;
    bool substitution;
    bool unit;
    uint8_t access;
    uint16_t def_val;
    cfg_handle handle;
    char oid[0];

Detailed Documentation

CFG_REGISTER message content


CFG_MSG_FIELDS cfg_val_type val_type

Type of the object instance value

bool vol

Object is volatile

bool no_parent_dep

Object should not depend on parent

bool substitution

The object uses substitution

bool unit

The object is a single logical unit, its descendants are properties of that unit

uint8_t access

Access rights

uint16_t def_val

Default value offset from start of OID or 0 if no default value is provided

cfg_handle handle

OUT: handle of created object object identifier

char oid[0]

IN: start of the object identifier