struct asn_type


ASN.1 type internal presentation More…

#include <asn_impl.h>

struct asn_type {
    // fields

    const char* name;
    asn_tag_t tag;
    asn_syntax syntax;
    size_t len;
    const asn_named_entry_t* named_entries;
    const asn_type* subtype;
    const asn_enum_entry_t* enum_entries;
    union asn_type::@5 sp;

Detailed Documentation

ASN.1 type internal presentation


const char* name

ASN.1 name of type, if any assigned.

asn_tag_t tag

tag value of type.

asn_syntax syntax

syntax of type, that is “type” of value itself.

size_t len

Size of value, if any specified as SIZE clause in ASN.1 type specification.. Zero if not specified. Whereas clause SIZE may not be used with constructions with named fields, for such types this structure member used for quantity of named fields. For INTEGER zero for usual native ‘int’ or number of bits used. For ENUMERATED number of named values.

const asn_named_entry_t* named_entries

for syntaxes SEQUENCE, SET and CHOICE

const asn_type* subtype

for syntaxes *_OF and TAGGED

const asn_enum_entry_t* enum_entries

for syntax ENUMERATED