struct tarpc_out_arg


Output arguments common for all RPC calls. More…

struct tarpc_out_arg {
    // fields

    tarpc_int _errno;
    tarpc_bool errno_changed;
    char err_str;
    uint32_t duration;
    uint64_t jobid;
    tarpc_bool unsolicited;

Detailed Documentation

Output arguments common for all RPC calls.

It should be the first field of all routine-specific parameters, since implementation casts routine-specific parameters to this structure.


tarpc_int _errno

errno of the operation from te_errno.h or rcf_rpc_defs.h

tarpc_bool errno_changed

Was errno modified by the call?

char err_str

String explaining the error.

uint32_t duration

Duration of the called routine execution (in microseconds)

uint64_t jobid

Identifier of an asynchronous operation. It should be passed as input when RPC client want to check status or wait for finish of the initiated operation.

tarpc_bool unsolicited

Set to TRUE for RPC responses that are not paired to RPC requests. Currently only used for rpc_is_op_done notifications