struct serial_parser_t


List of the serial console parsers settings More…

#include <te_serial_parser.h>

struct serial_parser_t {
    // fields

    char name[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1];
    char c_name[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1];
    char user[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1];
    char mode[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1];
    te_bool enable;
    int port;
    int interval;
    te_bool logging;
    int level;
    char log_user[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1];
    te_bool rcf;
    pthread_t thread;
    pthread_mutex_t mutex;
    serial_event_h_t events;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

List of the serial console parsers settings


char name[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1]

Name of the parser

char c_name[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1]

The serial console name

char user[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1]

User name

char mode[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1]

Share mode

te_bool enable

The parser thread state

int port

The serial console port

int interval

Intreval of polling console

te_bool logging

Enable logging from console to the main log

int level

Message level for logging

char log_user[TE_SERIAL_MAX_NAME+1]

Logger user name

te_bool rcf

Launched via RCF

pthread_t thread

Thread identifier

pthread_mutex_t mutex

Provides access to this struct

serial_event_h_t events

List of the events



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