struct iscsi_target_param_descr_t


Generic parameter description for iscsi_write_param() More…

#include <iscsi_initiator.h>

struct iscsi_target_param_descr_t {
    // fields

    uint32_t offer;
    char* name;
    bool is_string;
    enum iscsi_target_param_kind_t kind;
    int offset;
    iscsi_param_formatter_t formatter;
    iscsi_param_predicate_t predicate;

Detailed Documentation

Generic parameter description for iscsi_write_param()


uint32_t offer


char* name

Parameter name

bool is_string

true if the corresponding field is char *, false if it is int

enum iscsi_target_param_kind_t kind

Parameter type. It is used to choose one of data structures to take a field from

int offset

Field offset

iscsi_param_formatter_t formatter

Converter function from the raw field value to text representation (may be NULL)

iscsi_param_predicate_t predicate

Predicate function to determine if a given parameter really needs to be configured depending on other parameters. NULL == always true