struct trc_report_ctx


TRC report context More…

#include <trc_report.h>

struct trc_report_ctx {
    // fields

    unsigned int flags;
    unsigned int parsing_flags;
    te_trc_db* db;
    tqh_strings tags;
    tqh_strings merge_fns;
    tqh_strings cut_paths;
    trc_report_stats stats;
    unsigned int db_uid;
    const char* html_logs_path;
    const char* show_cmd_file;

Detailed Documentation

TRC report context


unsigned int flags

Report options

unsigned int parsing_flags

Log parsing options

te_trc_db* db

TRC database handle

tqh_strings tags

TRC tags specified by user

tqh_strings merge_fns

Logs to merge with main log

tqh_strings cut_paths

Testpaths to cut from main log

trc_report_stats stats

Grand total statistics

unsigned int db_uid

TRC database user ID

const char* html_logs_path

Path to HTML logs

const char* show_cmd_file

Show cmd used to generate the report